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Director’s Office

Captain David Guarino
Officer in Charge

200 East 4th Street
Plainfield, NJ 07060

Phone: 908.753.3225
Fax: 908-753-3046


Contact the Internal Affairs Division at
Email ia@ppdnj.com

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Anonymous crime tips can be reported
by calling (908) 753-8477 or by
Email tips@plainfieldpolice.com

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Bureaus within the Police Division include:
Administrative Bureau
Commander - Captain Wayne E.Williams
Ph. (908)753-3017
The mission of the Administrative Bureau is to provide administrative support to the Office of the Police Director. This includes, planning, research and development, recruitment and selection of police personnel, coordination and management of training, policy and accreditation management, extra duty employment, and oversight of Police Auxiliaries.
Criminal Investigation Bureau
Commander - Captain Brian Newman

Ph. (908)753-3043, Email: bnewman@plainfieldpolice.com

The Criminal Investigation Bureau is responsible for investigating and attempting to solve all crimes committed in the City of Plainfield. The Bureau is composed of four sections: General Assignment, Youth, Domestic Violence/Megan’s Law, Narcotics/Vice. The Bureau completes investigations of all crimes, prepares cases for court, serves warrants, conducts surveillance where law violations are suspected and makes arrests.

The Youth Section investigates juvenile offenses, handles juvenile court appearances, conducts missing person’s investigations, coordinates various community policing initiatives, and coordinate the police division’s D.A.R.E. Program. The Youth Section has several School Resource Officers assigned to the various public schools within the School District.

The Narcotics/Vice Section is also responsible for investigating and ensuring compliance with the State’s Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Laws as well as the City’s Municipal Code’s governing Alcohol Beverage Licensed Establishments. The Narcotics/Vice Section is also responsible for Firearms Card and Purchase Application investigations.

Support Bureau
Commander - Captain David Guarino
Ph. (908)753-3088, Email: dguarino@plainfieldpolice.com
The Support Bureau is responsible for managing the Police Division’s information technology, communications and 9-1-1 center, jail and booking, records, evidence, and fleet management. The Bureau also oversees crime analysis, intelligence dissemination, uniform crime reporting, and purchasing for Division.
Patrol Bureau
Commander - Captain Kevin O’Brien
Ph. (908)753-3605, Email: kobrien@plainfieldpolice.com

The Patrol Bureau is responsible for providing twenty-four (24) hour/ seven (7) day a week patrol operations for the City.  The Patrol Bureau responds to residents’ request for service; conducts preliminary investigations; apprehends offenders; prevents crime; collects evidence, and maintains order within the community. The Patrol Bureau is also responsible for directed patrols, traffic enforcement, crash investigations, and various community policing initiatives as well as Municipal Court and City Hall security.

The Bureau is comprised of Uniform Patrol and the Special Operations Group which includes the Traffic Section.

Joint Divisions Quality of Task Force
Commander - Captain David M.Guarino
Ph. (908)753-3380

The Task Forces is responsible for enhancing daily investigation beyond the norm involving property maintenance issues, illegally subdivided and occupied residence/buildings, illegal dumping investigations, and other various nuisance related concerns.

Professional Standards Bureau
Commander – Lieutenant William Tyler
Ph. (908)226-3909, Email: wtyler@plainfieldpolice.com

The Police Division is dedicated to providing the best possible police service to the citizens it serves.  The office of Professional Standards of the Plainfield Police Division is responsible for ensuring that members of the Police Division meet the highest standards of professional conduct, integrity and ethical performance.  The office is responsible for thorough investigation of all complaints of misconduct against the members of the Division.  The office is also charged with administering the investigative and disciplinary process for the Division.  If you feel strongly about the conduct of an officer, positively or negatively, please let us know. The Office of Professional Standards can be reached at (908)753-3360 or IA@ppdnj.com or visit us at 200 East 4th Street, Plainfield, NJ 07060.

Signal Bureau
Cathaniel Crum

The signal bureau is responsible for the repair and upkeep of the 62 traffic lights throughout the city.

They are also responsible for maintaining all parking lot lights that are supplied by the City.

They maintain responsibility for the street lights on South and Park Avenues, and the electrical maintenance of all city buildings and upkeep of the cameras throughout the city as needed.

  Bureaus within the Police Division include:
Administrative Bureau
Criminal Investigation Bureau
Support Bureau
Patrol Bureau
Professional Standards Bureau
Signal Bureau
Safety & Prevention

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